Writer’s Curse

Waterman Perspective Fountain Pen in Blackby Kristie LeVangie

Sometimes, I write because I’m moved by something. Sometimes, I write because I’m full of rage. Sometimes, I write from a place of desire.

…And then there are times, when the writing doesn’t come easy.

…Or…it doesn’t come at all.

I stare at this blank computer screen knowing that no matter what dribble will follow, it won’t nearly capture the well of emotion inside.

I’m trying to fight back from a losing situation. I’m trying to find the strength to put it all back together, but I sit here paralyzed.

Six years ago, I was delightfully miserable and gushing out volumes. (Pun not necessarily intended, but fucking funny no less.)

This year I’m lucky to spit out 5 lines that show any cohesion.

This “block” weights you down inside a well where your voice echoes its own insanities.

…And yet not one of the words can find it down your arm to grace the page.


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