Male Ego Defined By Their…? What Are We Teaching Our Boys?



by Kristie LeVangie

We preach to our daughters:

“Do not allow yourself to be defined by your sexuality.”

“Don’t be too promiscuous.  You won’t be taken seriously.”

“Love yourself for who you are.  Accept your body and learn to love it.”

“You are wonderful just the way you are.”


We openly rebel against the system, in the form of media and pop culture images, of what women should “look” like.

So why has this not happened with men?


Having done two shows for Playboy Radio, I walk away with 2 observations.

Men do not know how to talk to women AND they are obsessed with their cock size.

Why is it so important to wield the hugest penis?  Does it make you more of a “man” to do so?  Is your manhood threatened when you have a small member?  Do you really think women notice that you are ½ inch shorter than her last lay?

What she is noticing is how well you are doing it.  The size of your cock will pale in comparison to the size of your sexual repertoire.

Your ability to make a woman squirm with delight using your hands, your tongue, your creativity…will do more for your social calendar than a huge member that you have no clue how to use.

You never hear women comparing or complaining about their vagina size.  As a gender, we aren’t obsessed with tightness.

So men…explain it.  What’s the huge obsession with getting longer and getting thicker?

And why do you think as a society we aren’t debunking the size myth with our boys?  Why are we positively affirming acceptance with our daughters, but leaving our boys to believe that penis size defines their capacity to be a man?

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