Hey there, DJ…Turn the Music…errr, I mean Me On?

by Kristie LeVangie

Today I want to talk about beats.

Now anyone that knows me knows I love my music.  I’m one of those audiophiles that loves to lose themselves in the sound.  My music sometimes dictates my mood, and sometimes, my mood dictates my music.  I use it to inspire myself, to motivate myself through things I don’t quite enjoy, and to express myself.

When I’m in the kitchen cooking, I love a great 80’s dance song or some old school blues.  When I’m writing, I’ll waver between Tchaikovsky and The Black Keys.  And when I’m getting busy…well, that too ranges.  Sometimes, I’m a succubus to Portishead…and other times, I’m more passive losing myself in the musical complexity of Nine Inch Nails.

Yes, I’ve used music to ramp up my sex life, “to set the mood” if you will.  Who hasn’t?

But I was surprised to learn that scientists are using “beats” in entirely new ways when it comes to our sex lives.  Did you know that you could ramp up your libido with something called a “binaural beat”?

According to Psychology Today, “in 1839, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered that two constant tones, played at slightly different frequencies in each ear, cause the listener to perceive the sound of a fast-paced beat. Calling this phenomenon ‘binaural beats,’ Dove helped launch two centuries of legitimate research.”

So basically, two different frequencies are fed into your ears, creating one tone that affects your physical being based on the degree of frequency difference.  And while it’s an obvious debate minefield for social scientists, there is a surprising underground swelling of self-help seekers that swear by these things.  They claim to have improved memory, out of body experiences, and yes, increased sex drives.

But enough talk…listen for yourself.

Thanks to Wikipedia, an on-line sound example of a sound with binaural beats can be found here.

Feeling hot and bothered yet?

Perhaps you need more?  Google “sex binaural beats” and find results in both audio format and with hypnotic videos on YouTube.

Not sure that I buy into it yet, so I want to pursue a bit more personal research.  But if there’s even the smallest chance it puts a hop in my step, I say, “Drop That Beat, Mr. DJ.”  Let’s start getting it on.

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