Food for Fodder

by Kristie LeVangie

My first exposure to food and sex was in the movie, 9 1/2 weeks.

9 1/2 Weeks Food Scene

The scene where he blindfolds her and they sit in front of the refrigerator as he feeds her was my first foray into the erotic nature of foods.  Leftovers, quite frankly, never looked so good.

I had my first experience with


and of course,

in my late teens/early 20s.

It sounds much more exotic than it turned out.  It was, in reality, messy and complicated and…way before I even knew how to enjoy oral sex.  Needless to say, it had a “that looked much better on the hanger” sort of culinary effect.  God bless, Mickey Rourke for making it look so edible.

I ran across a suggestion of using a common household food item to give a sensual massage.  Again, very messy, cornstarch was silky and refreshing and ultimately, A LOT more fun.

I’ve avoided the cliches of pleasuring myself with a cucumber or a carrot.  Maybe it’s the 1000 Ways to Die story about the lady who died from internal bleeding from an unpeeled


that kept me from that experience.  Sex is great, but not worth dying for.

My comedian friend, Mr. Brent Bowser, stands by his experiences with sex and

I guess everyone’s got their some…food thing.  What’s yours?  What works and what doesn’t?

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