Sexual I-N-Ging

by Kristie LeVangie

I’ve done some things my life. I’m by no means a prude.

I’ll be the first to admit, somewhat sheepishly however, that I’ve been around the block once, twice…maybe even, 200 times. There’s not such a thing as too much experience in my opinion.

But when researching for my former talk show, I was surprised to discover 4 present continuous tense verbs (–ing forms of verbs) that have not yet made my resume. And let’s be real, most of them probably won’t. (I’m getting mellower in my old age, and would give into a riveting conversation far quicker than a pretty smile now-a-days.)

There ARE plenty of –ing’s that do pad my sexual resume though.

I’m really good at shopping…even for sexual items. I’m great at spending, especially when it’s not my money. It’s nothing for me to spend hours looking for the right shoes or dress or corset to set my lover’s mind racing. FYI…I’m also good at saving since I will hunt down the most extreme bargain and never pay full price for anything.

I’m great at kissing. I am best with slow, soft kisses with lots of tongue and just the right amount of moistness and pressure.

I’m also pretty good at sucking…or so I’ve been told. Earlobes, tongues, or genitalia eventually almost always find their way into my mouth. And if not, you’ll surely find me licking them sooner or later.

I’m pretty good at singing, but I don’t bring that into the bedroom often. Usually I’ll transform it into moaning or talking or screaming or heavy breathing. In short, I’m good at vocalizing.

I’m great at driving. I’m nearly always in control whether behind the wheel of a vehicle or on top of my man.

You’ll often find me fantasizing about, researching for, or creating a unique experience for my lover.

I’ve dabbled with tying, blindfolding, spanking, costuming, whipping and begging. I became fairly proficient at fucking, faking, tasting and jacking. But my real skills lie in anticipating, teasing, torturing, self-satisfying and fulfilling.

Now, will you ever find sharking, fisting, dogging or squirting on this girl’s resume?

She’s highly doubting.

Wondering what these sexual terms are?  A little Google search should satisfy your curiosity.

What are YOU “-ing” good at?

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