Just a Little Note about Fantasy

by Kristie LeVangie

I would say I’m a realist…on the surface at least.  My imagination takes my brain on trippy mental treks, but that’s a side effect of being a writer and a closet romantic.  But most of the time, I live in the real world– the here and now of the journey through time.

There’s one place where  I don’t want reality– my sex life.  Here, I prefer to subscribe to illusion and fantasy.  I want to believe that I am special and valued and wanted beyond just my warm hole.  I don’t want to know that inside your head you are only thinking about your next move to get me into the bedroom.  I don’t want to know that you tried that maneuver with 7 girls before me or that you just remembered you didn’t put your clothes in the dryer.

Be with me in the moment and create a moment.  Make the effort.  Don’t presume that I’ll just roll onto my back and spread my legs for something unextraordinary.  What does that say about my self-perceived value?

Want me.  Deeply want me…and then prove it.

We both know ultimately it’s about climax.  It’s always about the climax.  Just savor some time getting there.  Surprise me.  Give me context and inspiration.  Create for me a fantasy where I can lose myself in us for even just a few hours.  Then release me back into reality so my mind can wander to you.

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