The Great Bender

Ex-lovers never truly leave us. A song, a scent, a turn of phrase– can take us back in time and stir emotions forced dormant to save her own sanities. 
What about our past makes it a familiar place to wallow? For memories will soon rush too of the sullen times– the sophistry, the conniving nature of desire, the forked tongue of deception.

It’s a coaster ride we willingly strap into because it takes us back to the best of times– when we felt sexier, more alive, more complete– than perhaps we do now.

Time is our coaster. Time bends us back and whips us forward until we make ourselves nauseous with inertia. We stumble around with vertigo in our present, while ruminating over decisions we made in our past.

It’s a teeter-totter of resentment and gratitude, and only one can win out in the end.

It’s up to you which one wins.

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