The Life

“The road of a pioneer is filled with potholes and flat tires.”

— Kristie LeVangie

Let’s hop in the way back machine.  Shall we?

Once upon a time in March of 2008, I, Kristie LeVangie decided to put it all out there, and I published my very own complete collection of poetry titled Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper.  Book Cover graphic - small.jpg

Sure, I tried to go the route of traditional publishers, but it seemed my potty mouth would be to my detriment. Instead of bending to The Man with his artistic infringement, I self-published and shouted from the rooftops of my 1st amendment freedom.

SoKCoL New.jpg

To market my erotic collection, I ventured into the online “Wild West” with the Shades of K—: Chronicles of Libidacoria podcast. My podcast format showcased audio readings of the poetry in my book along with accompanying essays (some diary, some social commentary, some comedy), and I set it all to music by independent and local musicians. The podcast quickly gained popularity, was showcased on Playboy Radio’s Spice Channel, and grew to have audiences in over 59 countries around the world.

With over 100 episodes under my belt, I was ready to try something new.

So in March of 2009, I took a foray into the talk show realm with Libidacoria: The Late Night Talk Show.  A laid-back, sarcastic, but educational program, I and my crew of misfits— examined modern sexuality on a variety of topics from tame to outrageous and from educational to utterly entertaining.  During our 3 years of broadcasting, we welcomed guests from religious sex toy designers to pioneering social scientists to YouTube sensations and beyond. We met the most fascinating people.

The show ended in April of 2012, when personal tragedy struck. I lost love, a very close friendship, artistic direction and purpose…so I hermited myself from the limelight to regroup.

I soon got hit by a different bug and found myself  behind the mic.

I had a brief stint where I ventured into Burlesque and did live performances integrating my poetry into popular songs.

I performed at venues such as the Erotic Poetry and Music Festival in Detroit, the Fierce! Queer International Burlesque Showcase, the First Annual Ohio Burlesque Festival, the 2012 SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) Day Dayton, the RAW Natural Born Artists Cincinnati’s Mixology July 2012 event, and at several Passion & Poetry local art events.

But I ultimately decided I was a writer at heart, and I yearned to return to what I loved.

In March, I gave birth to my second volume of self-published poetry, and a prequel to Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper, entitled 4play.  Another collection of erotic poetry, this book showcased an elevated style and lyrical evolution.

I am currently working on my second and third book in the Libidacoria Anthology and find myself battling a terrible bout of writer’s block.

Thank you for your fanship and your patience.

The Cliff’s Notes of my Achievements include:

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