Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper

As one reader puts it, this is “NOT your mother’s poetry”!  This book mixes carnal semantic indulgence with a strong feministic perspective.

Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper chronicles an independent woman’s sexual journey in the modern world.  Far more than a work of eroticism, this book examines an independent woman’s struggle to find love in a world consumed by sex.

Libidacoria chronicles the author’s sexual journey from using men to satisfy her own “beast” to finding that one special man who obsesses her and ultimately opens her up for the possibility of love … again. Her graphic use of language and raw directness are intermingled with a subtle desire for romance and connectivity giving this book a unique insight into the feminine psyche.

Fun facts about Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper:

  • Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper is the first in a collection of four volumes of poetry to be published by Kristie LeVangie mimicking the life cycle of a relationship.
  • More than a few poems were removed from the book at the last minute after K—’s most trusted girlfriend remarked that they were “too soft.”
  • Most of those excluded poems will appear in Keys, K—’s next book, which is a collection of love poems.
  • The book’s cover was created to resemble brown paper-wrapped adult products that arrive in the mail.
  • All mainstream bookstores refuse to shelf Libidacoria due to its content.

Click here to visit the Libidacoria Book Boutique to purchase.


4play is the anticipated second erotic poetry volume by author and poetess, Kristie LeVangie.  It is the prequel to her release, Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper, and is characterized by her trademark semantically-jolting style and strong feministic perspective.  Again, we see the juxtapositional struggle between the modern independent female sexual spirit and a desire for real connection and unconditional acceptance.

…But it’s more than that this time.

4play is the artful seduction and power play of words.  Through the divergent rhyme patterns and the selection of imagery, 4play elevates LeVangie’s characteristic style so prevalent in Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper4play is a collection of erotic poetry that draws the reader in.  The poetry gets inside your head.  You can’t help but get drawn into the fantasy.  Get ready to get seduced.

Click here to visit the Libidacoria Book Boutique to purchase.

Want to hear 4play in the author’s own voice? Listen on Spotify!


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