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Reviews of Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper

Libidacoria Cover 2

“LeVangie’s poems are unlike any by any other erotic poet. They’re fast. If you’ve ever heard performance poetry, or if you’ve been to a poetry jam or if you like hip-hop, then the pacing and quick rhymes will remind you of this genre…Her sense of accentual rhythm is present but unstructured (I wouldn’t call her poems metrical). But that along with the rhyming makes her poetry refreshingly unique when compared to the generic and indistinguishable free verse of nearly every other erotic poet I’ve reviewed.”

– Patrick Gillespie, PoemShape

For the full review, visit the Erotic Poetry, Love & Passion page of the PoemShape website.

“K–‘s persona is driven by an insatiable sexual greed.  The pleasure in experiencing this through K–‘s poetry is the joy that one experiences wallowing in an orgy of undiluted lust.  Except that there’s more than that happening within these pages.  It’s enough to say here that Libidacoria is intelligent poetry about female sexuality and demands an intelligent reader response.”

Mr. Ashley Lister, columnist and book reviewer

For the full review, visit the Erotic Readers & Writers Association website.

“In her recent collection of poems, Libidacoria, Kristie LeVangie explores the complex subject of female sexuality, which she depicts as a source of both liberation and subjugation. Presented as an interconnected book-length sequence, the poems in LeVangie’s edgy new work treat the narrator’s relationships and trysts as a process of self-discovery, which often encompasses broader questions about the society she inhabits. Recurrently questioning aspects of both traditional gender roles and contemporary feminism, Libidacoria adeptly negotiates social criticism with stylistic innovation, proving a finely crafted and thought-provoking read.”

— Kristina Marie Darling, The Pedestal Magazine

For the full review, visit The Pedestal Magazine website.

“At first glance, Kristie LeVangie’s poem collection, Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper, seems to portray a self-satisfied, empowered woman content to successfully live out this attitude. However, through subtle, telling hints, LeVangie reveals her speaker’s growing desire for emotional connection and romantic love. And the author’s ability to subtly illustrate gradual emotional development through metaphorical interactions among various parts of the speaker’s psyche becomes the piece’s greatest strength.”

Synchronize Chaos Literary Magazine

For the full review, visit Synchronized Chaos Literary Magazine website.

“This book is an original, revealing a woman who longs for human closeness, choosing the sexual path to her destination.  Strong vernacular and erotic themes make this book a must-have for fans of sex and poetry alike.”

— Sam Hasson, L.A. Talk Radio

Libidacoria: In A Plain Brown Wrapper, lends sexual mystery to fantasy. It has the feel of sweet innocent desire that smells like leather. Poetic deviance searching for the picket fence with a chain swing attached to the mind. Not your mother’s poetry, and isn’t that refreshing.”

— B.J. Stahl,

“Through her use of direct, brutal language, she elicits emotional reactions from hurt, to anger, to loss, to disgust, exemplifying the independent, strong woman struggling in a world that does not yet respect her independence…the emotional realm comes through in her poetry, through the exquisite, explicit language of lust and carnal craving. 

It would be unjust to categorize this book as purely erotic writings – the depth displayed in the undercurrents of the book show a greater understanding of the male/female roles in society than is usually seen elsewhere.  The conflict between the subjugated woman and the dominant emotions plays out throughout her poetry, portraying this conflict in an unusually expressive way.  K—’s story is one of passion unleashed, a passion that has run through the ages but is rarely accepted in traditional societal norms.”

— Ben Weichel, GenX2K

“Shocking and erotic. Not quite as talented and deep as Sharon Olds but not pure porn either. It’s both commendable and sad that this is practically a self-published book.”

— Jonathon,

Libidacoria, seems to me, when you get past the language and subject matter, that the author is taking you on a journey to find real love the only way she can think of. There is a sad darkness laced with hope and dreams, along with the bitterness from not finding what she truly desires. It isn’t porn at all, the tag on her web site is true, it is Mature Literature for the sexual intellectual. It makes me sad to think she wont find what she is looking for. I hope she does.”

— Anonymous, Barnes & Noble Reviewer

4play Cover 2Reviews of 4play

  Current 5 STARS on Amazon!!!

“…what you will find [is] an uncompromising confidant who is unafraid to be embarrassed, to be wrong and be honest…The poetry shows some development (compared to Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper). I find 4play’s poems to be a touch more erotic. They tend to be shorter and more concentrated, less discursive; and I think that’s a good thing — an improvement. Her sense of accentual rhythms is also more controlled, along with her use of rhyme.”

– Patrick Gillespie, PoemShape

For the full review, visit the Erotic Poetry, Love & Passion page of the PoemShape website.

“Sexy, Sultry, Sad and Sadistic – 4play is one of those books you have to read more than once (and trust me you will WANT to) to fully grasp the intensity and complexity of varied emotions. Kristie shows the varied aspects of a woman’s soul in her writings: the strong empowered woman, sex fiend on the prowl, the weak and wounded little girl, hopeless romantic searching for true love. Men should read slowly and carefully, realize the intense sexuality of the words but look deeper to see what lies beneath the surface. The book is filled with hot steamy sex balanced by intense sadness and loathing, showing all the extremes of a woman’s psyche.”

— Wolf Tysson, blogger at

“…Some of these poems are bold and brazen; others are submissive and fragile. Kristie sometimes speaks of pining for a lost love, for whom other men are a poor substitute, and other times she seems to be fully enthralled with the person of whom she is speaking.   Her open expression of sexuality is refreshing and welcome. She certainly touched on a few of my own interests a few times and did so in a way that conveyed an understanding of a man’s mind. In other places, the poetry was that of an innocent girl who was yet learning that men are NOT the bland characters portrayed in Disney films.  Overall, her work shows a lot of breadth and depth.”

— Radar, fan

“K— coaxes the reader into a world of need and desire, each poem touching a different aspect. There is power in words and I have read very few things that match the power of K—’s wordplay. She is a master at touching on the deep, hidden yearnings and bringing them to the forefront. Read this book at your own risk – you may feel a little more wanton than you’re used to.”

— Amanda, fan

If you are looking for erotic poetry, this book will please you.

And if you want to dig deep into the driving pulse that sexuality and sensuality can sustain, then you’ll find everything you want in 4play. These poems run the range from naughty to nasty to sadly introspective. Kristie LeVangie slaps you in the face with her boldness, only to open you up to a more complex woman behind these thoughts. It will spark questions. What do you think? Do you think as she does? Can you?

While the poems have many allusions and innuendo, you should know that she thrives in bold, dripping words. This is an adult book for adults.

— John Grigas, Verified Purchaser

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