The Libidacoria Anthology is meant to be metaphorical for the life cycle of a relationship. Libidacoria: In a Plain Brown Wrapper represents that lustful infatuation of a new relationship.  It showcases my unapologetic, erotic poetry, and some sources say it’s like getting a glimpse into the complexities of a woman’s sexuality. Keys / Bitter is a double-volume– Books 2 and 3 in the series– that represents both “the falling in of” and “the falling out of” Love. Less erotic than L:IaPBW, but just as powerful, Keys / Bitter is in editing and soon to be headed your way. The final book (Book 4) to the series is currently about half-written. Raw will represent the final phase, where one builds themselves back up to enter the cycle again.

Of course, life happens and not all things go to plan. I originally didn’t plan to publish 4play yet. But based on the success of L:IaPBW, I respected that that’s what my readers wanted. 4play— which we’ll call the prequel– showcases some of my more famous pieces from my days of performing on stage.


Libidacoria Cover 2

4play Cover 2

Raw Bitter






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